Sub. S. Ujagar Singh Mangat

IIPMT has been set up as a dream project of two departed souls, Subedar S. Ujagar Singh Mangat S/o S. Santa Singh Mangat and S.Daljinder Singh Mangat S/O Subedar S. Ujagar Singh Mangat. Subedar S. Ujagar Singh Mangat who was once a part of Indian Army served this nation with 25 years of his dedicated service and was awarded by the President of India V. V. Giri on the 30th day of July, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Two (1972). He being a man of principles believed in service with perfection. His dream was to set up an organization where in the moral and social values are valued more than the monetary riches of life.

Sardar Daljinder Singh Mangat being the son of such an eminent personality had the same sort of qualities imbibed within him. He was a man with a big heart. He was amiable, amicable and courageous throughout his lifetime.

IIPMT with blessing of Almighty God aspire to realize the dream of these mighty souls.

Though they have been parted from us but we know that their blessings are always with us which give us the strength to proceed on the way of service to the mankind.


We miss you