Message from Director

Dear Student,
I welcome you to the fold of IIPMT. At IIPMT we believe in a complete transformation of a student from a mere piece of stone to a priceless diamond in the form of a professional who mesmerizes the world with his professional luster. IIPMT has been set up as one of the most foremost institutions of specialized learning in the field of Paramedical Education. Education is a primary ingredient and also a key to success in any profession. Every individual in this world has got potential but one who nurture it with determination, sincerity & honesty stand out in the crowd of strugglers as winners.

We at IIPMT aim at providing individuals aspiring to be winners in the race of life with comprehensive, multiword, and interdisciplinary, world class education. The students are exposed to learning through a well structured process of conceptual rigor and real life applications. The Diploma / Pedagogy is a rich blend of guided individual learning, group learning opportunities and interaction with experts. IIPMT prepares you to acquire right knowledge & skills.

IIPMT is designed to be a key milestone in your journey towards professional transformation and to ensure that you have every advantage of meeting the career challenges of a rapidly integrating global economy.

I once again heartily  welcome to IIPMT with warmest regards.