Guru Amar Dass Ji

 Sri Guru Amar Das ji (1552-1574)

Sri Guru Amar Das, though born in 1479, became the Guru in 1552 when he was in his seventies. Guru Amar Das ji were born as Bhalla Khatri at village Basarke about 13 kms south-west of Amritsar. His father was Tej Bhan Bhalla, a local petty trader. They were all staunch sanatanists, and vegetarians. Guru Amar Das had a wife, two sons and two daughters. He often went to Haridwar and Jwalamukhi on pilgrimages and strictly observed all religious rites and ceremonies. Before coming into contact with Sikhism, Guru Amar Das had crossed sixty years of age. His brother Manak chand lived nearby his house. Manak Chand’s wife Bibi Amro use to sing Guru Nanak’s hymns. Bhai Amar Das (Later Guru) had heard her singing many times before. He enquired whose hymns she was singing and immediately made up his mind to call on Guru Angad. It was in 1541, when he, himself was 62 years old.

Guru Amar  Das ji were on Guruship from 1552 to 1574, he moved to Goindwal from Khadur to avoid conflict with Guru Angad’s elder, sons of who named Datu had declared himself as a Guru.